Willie Ford

Willie Ford

Sgt. Willie Ford

Willie Ford is the product of a single parent home. He was raised in Detroit Michigan. While growing up was very tough his mother never let him use the excuse of not having a father or being poor effect his goals in life. Because he had a strong mother that believed in honesty, hard work and dedication he has persevered and became the man he is today.

After serving the in the United States Army (Military Intelligence Corps) for twenty years he retired in 1998 and became a Dallas Police Officer.  As a Dallas Police Officer, Sergeant Ford has worked as a Patrol Officer, Fugitive Apprehension Officer and Uniformed Narcotics Officer in the Patrol Bureau. While assigned to the Narcotics Division Sergeant Ford worked in an undercover capacity as a detective, supervisor and testified in state and federal court as an expert witness.

Willie works everyday with the goal of making the difference in someone’s life. He honestly believes you will never know how you can make a difference if you do not get involved. He is also a realist and fully understands everyone does not want help and you cannot save everyone. But the satisfaction you get when you know you have made a positive impact in a person’s life cannot be duplicated.  Willie Ford has silently worked vigorously behind the scenes in several organizations to have a positive impact on the citizens of Dallas. In addition to Sergeant Ford’s love and commitment to police work he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Officer Down Foundation and Founder & Managing Partner of KJK Security Consultants.

As a proud father and grandfather Willie refuses to place an obstacle or hurdle in the pathway of his children or grandchildren because of who he is. Willie believes he has an obligation to mentor and pass on his life lessons to anyone that is interested.  Wille Ford has been recognized many times for his commitment and dedication to the public as a police officer and private citizen. He will continue to make himself available in any capacity he can to make a difference.