Bruce Carter

Bruce Carter

"The Great Unifier"

Bruce Carter is a true American who has dedicated the past 20 years of his professional and personal life towards more positive social outcomes. Carter believes in peace and unity amongst all Americans and sees himself as “The Great Unifier”. He is an anchor in his community and has devoted a countless number of hours educating his community on their political history and current elections in their area. Carter founded and led movements like Black Men for Bernie and Trump for Urban Communities in 2016 and Black Men Will Vote in 2020, to encourage and educate black men on the value of their vote. Carter believes in mentoring the men in his community to help make significant change on all socioeconomic levels. 

In 2016, Carter pledged to dedicate 5 years of his life to better Understand, Unite and Restore Families Across America. He completed the five years on Jan 6th, 2021 having spent 300 nights in hotels across America conducting research on America’s systematic issues. His plan is to create solutions using the primary data collected over the five years. During the five years he directed three tours: Value of A LifeiTHINK Solutions and the Opportunity Tour. One of his firm beliefs is “You will have gained wisdom when you realize you don’t need people to validate you.” Bruce Carter

Carter directed and has traveled to numerous metro areas with “iThink Solutions” which is a company designed to bring resolve to homelessness and crime ridden communities in the United States. He is most passionate about advocating for ending senseless violence, homelessness, food deserts, human trafficking, public distrust in law enforcement and common divisions such politics and racism. 

Carter has been an experienced voice in politics during the most tumultuous election cycles in modern history. He has been an advocate for change that will certainly revive rural and urban communities. Carter’s work with his previous initiatives has showcased his dedication, strength, intelligence, leadership and familiarity with the daily issues that affect most everyday Americans. 

In addition to being a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive career of service, he started his first business at the age of 8. His extensive business knowledge has equipped him to provide the foundational support for financial management, marketing and business planning through his business, Bruce C Carter (BCC). He hopes to transform communities through small businesses. Carter is ready to widen his reach and touch more communities through his passion for politics, uplifting families and championing economic stability and literacy amongst the youth and small business owners. 

In light of the most recent political and social disorder,  Carter’s plan to cultivate unity in America is “The only way to have a United States of America is to cultivate unity in America” Bruce Carter